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    &#060;%@ LANGUAGE="JAVASCRIPT"%&#062;<BR>&#060;%@ LANGUAGE="VBSCRIPT"%&#062;<BR>^---- I use both these codes, I realise vb is default but I am more familar with javascript and so sometimes want to use both for there different advantages. How do I use them both in the same document. I have tried to include a javascript dynamicaly with &#060;!-- #include file="somefile.asp" --&#062; but then the whole page is read as javascript and the vbscript turns up an error.<BR><BR>Thanks asp guru&#039;s

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    The &#060;%@ Language...... tag should be be the first line of you file and sets the DEFAULT scripting language for the current file..<BR><BR>BUT you can always override this with the &#060;SCRIPT Language... RUNAT=SERVER&#062; tag<BR><BR>BTW : VBSCRIPT is only the Default if the IIS manager has defined it as such - he could have changed it to anything (as may be his whim)<BR><BR>I hope this helps

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