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    I have a script that validates a form and adds the data to a database. When the form info doesn&#039;t validate it serves up the form again with an error message. When the form does validate I want serve a message in html along the lines of "loading info to database...please stand by" and then have the form info added to the database. The error part works fine, and if the form is validated the data is added fine but for some reason the html saying the data is loading won&#039;t show up. It&#039;s just plain old html. It seems that the ASP engine is passing right over it and going to the database connection. What gives? DO I have to put a pause in there or something? I&#039;ve tried both ASP/HTML hybrid and writing the html with vb script.<BR><BR>Any help here would be greatly appreciated<BR>Thanks Mike

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    Have you tried to buffer the output from your asp page.<BR><BR>This can be done by putting this at the top of your page: Response.Buffer = True<BR><BR>Then you can do something like this:<BR><BR>response.write "please wait..."<BR>response.flush<BR><BR>This last command sends the contents of the buffer to the client.<BR>If you don&#039;t specify this command, everything will be send to the client after all your asp code has executed.

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