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    Default Recordset vs. Array

    If I just want to loop through records, which is faster in terms of server performance?<BR><BR>To put a recordset into an array and loop the array? or just loop through the recordset?<BR><BR>Thanks! :)<BR><BR>

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    Default I would be curious...

    how &#039;bout running some tests and letting us know.<BR><BR>I would imagine it would depend on the size of the recordset.<BR><BR>Jerry

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    Default Charles Carroll...

    ...of and other sites...*has* tested this and says that arrays win hands down. Might even be hard numbers on one of his sites; I know there are articles on the topic. <BR><BR>Anyway: This makes sense!!<BR><BR>A recordSet is *actually* a collection of collections! (Or at least an array of collections.) After all, *EACH* record *must* be a collection, in order to give you the ability to do RS("someField"), right?<BR><BR>So it shouldn&#039;t be surprising that iterating through a collection (which is a much more complex structure than an array) would be slower than iterating through an array.<BR><BR>

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