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    I&#039;m terribly sorry for posting this in this forum, but I&#039;m in a bad place and need help.<BR><BR>I am wondering how to use the document.getElementsById() tag in NN6 to write content dynamically to a page.<BR>IN NN4+ you could do it like this:<BR>if (document.layers)<BR>{ document.layers["description"].document.open(&#039;text/html&#039;);<BR>document.layers["description"].document.write(html);<BR>document.layers["description"].document.close();<BR><BR>Is there a way to do this with NN6?<BR>I know how you can switch layer visibility, I just can&#039;t find how to write new content.<BR>Thank you.<BR>Jeremy

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    Just gessing but it may be the InnerHtml property (not sure if right syntax) eg try<BR><BR>var myOBJ;<BR>myOBJ = document.GetElementById(&#039;myLayer&#039;)<BR>my OBJ.InnerHtml = HTML

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