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    Hello all...<BR>Been asked by a prospective client, if I&#039;m able to write some asp for them, to link to SQL Server...and I&#039;ve not done so before, so could someone answer the following for me.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve only ever used Access as my dbase program. Created my tables, and query directly from my asp work. Is this the way this "SQL" thingy works? That is, is there a database program called SQL that I will have to buy, create my tables in and then use asp to query that data?<BR><BR>This *may* sound a little odd to some here, but I&#039;ve no idea really on what SQL Server means...I already write SQL queries to my Access dbase...so I guess I&#039;m confused.<BR><BR>Does one have to buy SQL Server? It&#039;s loaded on the NT box, I presume, like IIS??? What&#039;s MySQL? Heard that it&#039;s a *free* SQL Server &#039;wanna-be&#039; but again, I&#039;m confused.<BR><BR>Could someone point me here? I&#039;ve not got a lot of experts around up here that I know enough to ask and NOT look like a complete dummy...<BR><BR>Thanks...and hope someone can &#039;clue&#039; me in!<BR><BR>Jim<BR><BR>

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    Well...That is a heavy group of questions to answer...But here is a link to the Microsoft SQL Server page, and if you hunt around a little, it should enlighten you somewhat.<BR><BR>http://www.microsoft.com/sql/<BR><BR>Hope this helps.

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