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    Roy Walter Guest

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    Why does information/examples concerning form events seems so hard to find? Also, the examples that I can find seem to switch to JavaScript rather than VBScript. Does VBScript have a problem with event handling? Can anyone give me a few pointers or point me to a reference on event handling, e.g. click events on radio buttons or lists?

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    VbScript does have event handlers, but not when using it in ASP. Events have to be client side code because all server side has been processed already. The reason there is not much on VbScript event handlers is because using these is very browser specific (like only IE 4 and 5). For a full listing of VbScript event handlers you can go to For javascript handlers you can go to

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    Jeff Rancier Guest

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    What if I instantiate a VB COMponent, which raises an event upon completion? Maybe I want to send my response to the client browser dynamically, based on the event or not? Is this possible?

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