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    muhammad javed Guest

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    hi,<BR> i wan connect my mdb (microsoftdatabase)and want insert record<BR>in the database using the ADDNEW Method plz send me the Code <BR>of connectivity and insertation <BR>thanks

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    Default Hope this helps!

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    Paz Gil Guest

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    Just tell me what is your database program.... <BR>(Access,Oracle,Sql Server), you do not need to make ADDNEW, you just have to write in your Sql statment: <BR>Insert into (table name) (parameters)<BR>and execute them.<BR>Best regards,<BR>Paz Gil - Web Master

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    Yes, there is often a debate over what an advanced question, vs a question that should be asked in the Q & A forum. <BR>This, however, is not one of them. <BR>Please do not encourage the dilution of this board by answering such obviously newbie questions.<BR><BR>Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

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