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    Schan Guest

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    If anyone of you are aware of ASP/VBScript/Javascript coding standards, please let me know.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.

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    - Guest

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    Standard One<BR>Dont ask stupid questions in a messagebord

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    Search the web for &#039;code standards&#039;. Also the Microsoft Documentation has some guidelines too.<BR><BR>

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    RDM Guest

    Default Are you the consultant...

    ...that I spend hours rewriting code for???<BR><BR>The question is a very valid one. The biggest "standard", I can think of is to try not to interwine HTML code in ASP code blocks anymore than absolutely necessary.<BR><BR>Try your best to separate the blocks of ASP code into reusable functions. It makes ASP much easier to support as well as process efficiently on the server. <BR><BR>Try to use hungarian notation. Even though the variables are treated as variants in most cases, it makes it easier to follow what type of data is expected in the variables.

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    Jason Guest

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    This article has some good information. The writer talks about code optimization, coding conventions, and documentation.<BR><BR>

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    Default how to use a message board

    This is a great example.<BR>Ask a question, get some clues, report what you&#039;ve found back to the rest of the community. <BR><BR>Good Job! <BR>Thanks Jason

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    keith5000 Guest

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    microsoft has one:<BR><BR><BR>i wouldn&#039;t recommend using hungarian notation for asp however. there are no real variable types, and the need for notation decreases if you use descriptive variable names in the first place.

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    Schan Guest

    Default Thank you all guys


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