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    Help:<BR><BR>I have an access db with a date field. The format is dd/mm/yy (UK). When searching this date field from my form page I can only return results if I enter the date in the formay mm/dd/yy.<BR><BR>The query runs like this:<BR><BR>SELECT *<BR>FROM Events<BR>WHERE Eventname LIKE &#039;%varname%&#039; AND Type LIKE &#039;%vartype%&#039; AND Add3 LIKE<BR>&#039;%vartown%&#039; AND Establocation LIKE &#039;%varregion%&#039; AND startdate &#062;= #varstart#<BR>AND enddate &#060;= #varend#<BR>ORDER BY Startdate, Type, EventName<BR><BR>varstart is the variable for startdate in my db<BR>varend is the variable for enddate in my db<BR><BR>The above query works fine if I use mm/dd/yy and the date format in my access db is mm/dd/yy<BR><BR>I am quite new to all this and a simple answer would be very much appreciated.

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    you may want to check the regional settigns under control panel, and make sure that the date format on your computer matches the date format you desire. that format should also match the format set in the column with the dates.

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