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    Help:<BR><BR>I have an access db with a date field. The format is dd/mm/yy (UK). When searching this date field from my form page I can only return results if I enter the date in the formay mm/dd/yy.<BR><BR>The query runs like this:<BR><BR>SELECT *<BR>FROM Events<BR>WHERE Eventname LIKE &#039;%varname%&#039; AND Type LIKE &#039;%vartype%&#039; AND Add3 LIKE<BR>&#039;%vartown%&#039; AND Establocation LIKE &#039;%varregion%&#039; AND startdate &#062;= #varstart#<BR>AND enddate &#060;= #varend#<BR>ORDER BY Startdate, Type, EventName<BR><BR>varstart is the variable for startdate in my db<BR>varend is the variable for enddate in my db<BR><BR>The above query works fine if I use mm/dd/yy and the date format in my access db is mm/dd/yy<BR><BR>I am quite new to all this and a simple answer would be very much appreciated.

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    See if this helps<BR><BR>

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