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    Hello,<BR><BR>How do I pause an asp script for a specified period of time and let it resume where it left off?<BR><BR>I am writing a page that will send out many emails to users based on database email addresses using CDONTS. I get the loops to function correctly, however on approximately the 60th email, I get an email server error saying that there are too many processes running. I think that the solution to this problem will be "pausing" the script every 20 emails or so, and wait a little bit of time so that the email folders can clear before I fill them up.<BR><BR>Hope all that made sense.<BR><BR>Ed<BR>

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    Takias hithos Guest

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    you must go to and take waitfor object for free, now.

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    CDONTS is horrible at mailing mass amounts of mail. Unfortunately there is no way around this. CDONTS is better for sending out single responses, nothing more. You might want to look into another solution involving a server mailing queue solution.<BR><BR>We implemented one at our company 2+ years ago due to CDONTS ineffeciencies. It involves a FTP object (outgoing) to a Solaris machine whose only duty is to send out mail. This machine is on a 5 min. turnaround time between sending in the queue. <BR><BR>200,000+ go out everyday for our clients (users subscribe for the customized in-box direct information). One client sends out 50,000+ daily. <BR><BR>This also allowed for us to develop self-management systems that the clients maintain their customized lists themselves.<BR><BR>This is just a suggestion, not an advertisement for our company or our clients. <BR><BR>I hope this helps.

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