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    Hello,<BR><BR> I am building one aplication that uses some DB. I wold like to know if it is better to have difrent DB for diferent areas of the site or if it is better to have all tables in the same DB. <BR><BR> The other thing is that i am using access DB; I am thinking on migrating the db to a SQL server. What sould i be concerned about and what are the main diferences in the ASP code? What will i have to change to transform the access DB into SQL DB and what are the incompatibilities betwen the two formats.<BR><BR>Best regards, Miguel Vaz

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    It is "better" to do whatever makes more sense for your application. Usually one database is easier to maintain than several (one to backup, one to restore).<BR><BR>The only change you should have to make in your ASP code is the DSN (assuming you are using ADO).

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