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    Hello all, <BR><BR>Sorry I didn&#039;t put a Title to my query<BR><BR>I&#039;m relatively new to this ASP so you will have to bear with me. My problem is I am trying to set up a Search facility for my website. <BR><BR>I came across a piece of code on this site that does this using the FileSystemObject at the following URL <BR><BR>It is returning a listing of all the HTML pages located in the directory I specify in the Server.MapPath. <BR><BR>What I would like to do though is to return the Title of the HTML page which is located in the HTML page content instead of returning the actual Page name. <BR><BR>Is this possible or are thare any other ways of doing this? <BR>Save me please <BR><BR>POCMAN

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    Default Well you will have... open each and every .html file and read them (using FSO) until you hit the &#060;title&#062;&#060;/title&#062; tag, then take that value either in an array or in a dictionary object.<BR>The URL at 4guys:<BR><BR>Show you how to implement such a system .<BR>Instead of objTextStream.ReadAll I guess it should be readline until you hit the &#060;title&#062;&#060;/title&#062; save the value then exit the loop going to the next file and do the same thing.<BR><BR>That&#039;s what I think :)

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    Thanks a million. I don&#039;t suppose you would be able to provide some syntax on how I would loop through the Page until I hit the &#060;title&#062; tags.<BR>I&#039;m only a novice at this ASP.

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