I created a vba macro in Excel to write the contents of a spreadsheet to an Access database. Recently I moved the database to SQL Server 7 and I keep getting error 3027 (database or object is read only). I know the permissions and connection string are correct because I can read from the database. I am using the following in Excel:<BR><BR>Set oDbs = OpenDatabase("myDSN", dbDriverNoPrompt, False, "ODBC;DATABASE=myDB;DSN=myDSN;UID=myLogin;PWD=myPa sswd")<BR><BR>Set oRs = oDbs.OpenRecordset("myTable", dbOpenDynaset)<BR><BR>I get the error when the script gets to oRs.edit<BR><BR>I can also read and write to the same database using RDS (remote data services) over the web. I even created a table in Access which is linked to the SQL server 7 database and I don&#039t have any problems reading and writing.<BR><BR>Any ideas why I can&#039t write from Excel? I&#039m stumped.