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    martin Guest

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    Hi, <BR><BR>In case of uploading files I would like to create a client side validation (alert) for a file with a size above, lets say 100 KB. If it exceeds this limit no upload takes place<BR>I do not want to use third party tools.<BR><BR>thanks<BR><BR>Martin

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    martin, <BR><BR>checking the file size on the client side in a Internet environment is a difficult situation as you do not know what kind<BR>of audience may view your site, Whereas if u are working on an<BR>Intranet environment and want to go ahead than you can write a <BR>ActiveX Control or a Java Applet. The disadvantage to this approach is that not all people may have a JVM installed or IE as the user agent ... you may have to add some browser checking.<BR><BR>The relatively simpler approach would be to get the file on the server and determine the file size using a 3rd party COM like <BR>SA FileUpload of use the request/response object&#039;s methods and properties.<BR><BR>I suggest follow the later as it will be quck to develop.<BR><BR><BR>

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    martin Guest

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    That&#039;s what I&#039;m doing on the moment...Server side validation. It works but it&#039;s not a "charming" solution. Was just hoping...<BR>Anyway..thanks

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