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    I am able to disable an html object in IE with the attribute &#039;disabled&#039;.<BR>How can i achieve the same in Netscape?<BR>The attribute &#039;disabled&#039; is not functioning in Netscape.<BR>Do i need to use CSS or can i achieve it with JavaScript?

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    hmm i&#039;ve stumbled across this too recently<BR><BR>i used a "sniffer" using Request.ServerVariable("HTTP_User_Agent") to find out what sort of browser it is , and set, say a boolean, to true if it&#039;s netscrap<BR><BR>isNetscape = true<BR><BR>then i use this boolean like - apologies for the jscript<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>if(isNetscape){<BR>//display the field as TEXT and a hidden variable<BR>%&#062;<BR>...netscape HTML<BR>&#060;%<BR>}else{<BR>//display the object as disabled<BR>%&#062;<BR>...other HTML<BR>&#060;%}%&#062;<BR><BR>i haven&#039;t looked into CSS, but my feeling is that if the disabled attribute does work in Nutscap then any CSS control will be ignored too

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