Displaying a map dynamically from the server?

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Thread: Displaying a map dynamically from the server?

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    Hi all,<BR> Please find my problem regarding how to display MAP onto the html page as follow...<BR> 1)Total three TextFields,One ImageBox and One button is placed on the html page.Whenever user clicks on the button it will call a vc++ application with the data entered by the end user Using TextBoxes.After processing the vc++ application It will generate an Jpg file on the server.<BR> Everything is working fine upto this level but the problem what I am facing Right now is displaying the Jpg(Image) on to the Image button of the same page as soon as creating on the server.<BR> In what way I can sove my problem.<BR>Thanks for your valuable Response.<BR>Regards

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    Do you have an application already that will generate the JPEG? If you do and can modify it, you could have it return the name of the jpeg or have it write the name of the jpeg out to file.<BR><BR><BR>If you don&#039;t have the image generation program already, then you&#039;re in luck. What you are trying to do is something common handled by Geographic Information Systems or GIS. <BR><BR>There are several applications written specifically for web-based GIS mapping. The most commonly used one is MapObjects Internet Map Server by Environmental Systems Research Institute (www.esri.com). MOIMS is a series of components that can be used in VB6 or C++ environment to create server applications for web mapping. They also have a newer product called ArcIMS that generates the map images, html, dhtml. It can also support client-side Java viewers, and connections to server-side ASP and ColdFusion environment. <BR><BR>There is also MapGuide by AutoDesk (the people who make AutoCad). There are other GIS companies (Smallword, MapInfo, Intergraph) out there who probably have their own web products also. <BR>

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