Have a file in (Server.Mappath("folder1file1.asp")<BR>that re-creates, writes and closes a file:<BR><BR>Code:<BR>**************************** **********************************<BR><BR>Set fs=Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject ")<BR><BR>If fs.FileExists(Server.Mappath("folder2file2.inc")) Then<BR> fs.deletefile(Server.Mappath("folder2file2.inc"))< BR>End If<BR><BR>Set file = fs.CreateTextFile(Server.Mappath("folder2file2.inc "))<BR>file.WriteLine "hello"<BR>file.Close<BR><BR>********************* **************************************<BR><BR>Poin ts:<BR>1. Any user can access file2.asp(ie. not only admins, any user)<BR>2. file.inc is NOT readonly<BR><BR>Error:<BR>Permission Denied!!!<BR><BR>I used to get this error every now and then but lately its been frequent. And eventually the error would disappear if I run the file couple of times(File2.asp is a source for a Submit-bttn), so by clicking the button continously for 5-10times, the error disappears. But I&#039;m back to error when I restart browser.<BR><BR>The newly created file&#039;s extension has to be "inc" as its used in some other .asp-files.<BR><BR>Tried:<BR>Set file = fs.CreateTextFile(Server.Mappath("folder2file2.inc "), true)<BR><BR>Still no luck...<BR><BR>Help needed!!!