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    I do know how to show total records found using recordcount setting pagesize etc.. But in this case i&#039;ve to check for 4 different conditions based on that record should match 3 fields to the fields passed from previous form. How do i go about it? Do I&#039;ve to write in a function in call it?<BR><BR>for eg: in one case I&#039;ll have to check for categroy, subcategory, gender. In other case its categroy, leather, gender,<BR>in other case its category & gender...etc...Do I&#039;ve to insert pagecount in each condition then count total records for these matches?<BR><BR>any help would be greatly appreciated. <BR>Thanks

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    Default Do you need JUST counts?

    Or do you need the actual data, as well?<BR><BR>If you JUST need counts, I&#039;d do it with <BR><BR>SELECT Count(*) FROM table WHERE ...<BR><BR>for each of the different conditions. Probably the fastest way.<BR><BR>If you need counts *and* data, you might try doing ADODB.RecordSet.Filter ... I dunno whether RecordSet.Count coordinates properly with Filter or not, though.<BR><BR>

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