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    hi,<BR>we have an intranet site which is already been developed using jscript on server side & components in Delphi.<BR>but the application is giving very poor performance of only 8-10 concurrent users. so we&#039;re deciding to re-design the entire site. so is it advisable to switch the jscript code to vbscript?? will that &#039;ve the implications on performance increasing the no. of multiple users or no?<BR>basically its a 3-tier architecture & components are being developed in Delphi. we&#039;re also thinking to take delphi code to VB for the easier maintanance perposes too.<BR>any other suggessions for the performance enhancement would also be appriciated.<BR>thanks,<BR>NAN.<BR>

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    The performance of the two is so close (the source code for the two languages shares about 1/3 of the files!) that I can&#039;t imagine the choice of language would matter. <BR><BR>Were I you, I&#039;d take my *worst* performing component and try rebuilding JUST IT in VB. See if that offers any measurable performance gain. If not, you just might have an application that is inherently slow. If so, *then* you try recoding other components. IN THEORY, Delphi should be as fast or faster than VB, but who knows what holds in reality?<BR><BR>

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    Default RE: need good documentation

    can anybody tell me where will i find good documentation for what hardware configuration will give what response in terms of number of users, handling database connections etc.

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