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    Hi !<BR><BR>I am trying to count the number of records retrieved from a previously executed Select statement using the @@rowcount variable. i have noticed that the first time the ASP page is loaded the @@rowcount retrieves the number of records correctly.But for all the susequent select statements, the @rowcount is not changing according to the query. Only when i refresh the page again the first time works.<BR><BR>Can someone pleeeeeeeease help??? My select statement has lots of tables involved in it so, i cannot use one particular field name to count the records.. i mean i am not able to use count * or count( field_name) due to the kind of query i have.So, i think that @@rowcount is the only option for me.Can u please help ??<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR>Sherp

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    DO YOU NEED TO RS.MoveFirst() brfore doing subsequent statements??

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