How to create DLL using VC++?

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Thread: How to create DLL using VC++?

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    I have C source files and want to compile them to create DLL. Opening the C source file into VC++ editor gives option to compile and create exe only. <BR>Please help. <BR>(Yes, I dont have any idea about C programming, just a specific requirement in my web project.)

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    I don&#039;t think you know what you&#039;re getting yourself into. I would highly doubt that an .exe program would "port" perfectly over to a dll. Not too mention you&#039;ll have to manually expose the interfaces. Ick.

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    Default Agreement and then some...

    Even if you *could* convert it to a DLL, that doesn&#039;t mean it will be a USABLE component from ASP. In order to be callable from ASP, it has to be a valid ActiveX component, properly implementing the IDispatch (or IDispatchEx) COM interface.<BR><BR>You need some serious help with this one, I think!<BR><BR>Hmmm...but why not use it *AS AN .exe* from ASP??? I would *not* recommend this if it is to be heavily used, but if it is just for occasional use...<BR><BR>Just invoke it from the command line. And invoke the command line from either the freebie component from or from the MS component (that I always forget the name of). It *does* mean that the .exe needs to be non-graphical, receive its arguments from the command line, and preferably send its results back out to stdout (or maybe to a file). <BR><BR><BR><BR>

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