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    Response.Expires = 60<BR>Response.Expiresabsolute = Now() - 1<BR>Response.AddHeader "pragma","no-cache"<BR>Response.AddHeader "cache-control","private"<BR>Response.CacheControl = "no-cache"<BR><BR>I put these in my ASP pages. I notice that IE can handle this a lot better than Netscape. Netscape does weird things. For example, We have a self-submitting form that we print. It works fine in IE but in Netscape the screen does not print. Instead the screen displays correctly but the page source is actually the "session expired" page that you are redirected to if you try to order again. Its weird. I take the caching out and its fine.<BR><BR>Another thing. IE does not seem to cache database pages anyway. But then Netscape does. I have never seen a dB driven page cache in IE nor have I ever had that complaint. But Netscape does.<BR><BR>Anyway I am done with caching. I wish Netscape would just go away.

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    Default you and me both... Long live Bill Gates!


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