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    Default form input field

    I have a form input field that users can enter a value in. If the value already exists in the database I want a response returned "That value taken, please enter a new value"

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    Default Check the FAQs


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    Default Two Ways...

    There are two ways, if you want to do it client side, you can load all the "taken" values into an array using javascript, or, once the user has submitted the form, the first section of code on the page they are submitting to should go like this...<BR><BR>request("value") = 32<BR><BR>SQL = "Select * from table where thevalue=" & request("value")<BR> strconnect<BR>set objrec = objconn.execute(SQL)<BR><BR>if not objrec.eof then<BR> response.write("That value is already taken")<BR>else<BR> do your stuff here.<BR>end if<BR><BR>-- Whol

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    Default RE: form input field

    Yes, check out the FAQs... I think some good looking ghost wrote an article just for you!

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    Default I think we know who Desert Ghost is now!


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