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    I have an asp page that searches for customer&#039;s order info. On this page1 I have the customer&#039;s information and the ordered item number. There&#039;s link and when you click on this link it will display page2 which has detailed description of the selected item. My question is should I search for the customer info and the item&#039;s description once together and then pass all the values of the description onto page2, or should I search for the customer info on the first page and pass the value of an item number onto page2, and on page 2 I search for the item&#039;s description based on the item number passed from page1??(page1.itemnum=&#039;" & ItemNumber) & "&#039;) Do you understand what I mean?? Please suggest which way I should go..<BR>Your help is appreciated!

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    Default Pass the ID

    Pass the ID to the thing you are looking up to page 2, then do another query...<BR><BR>-- Whol

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    Server load would be less if you choose to pass all the information to the second page with the query string as you don&#039;t need to create another recordset & connection to get info. Depending on the amount of info passed though your querystring could get ugly and you need to beware special characters etc ie use urlencode and some decode function. My preference would be to just pass the itemID and requery the db as the code/setup is simpler for the mostpart. Another option would be to write the item details to a cookie and request the cookie info in the second page. The problem with this could be if someone goes directly to page2 would see the prior item request. My 2 cents is to use 2 db calls overall simpler to setup/maintain. I&#039;m sure someone else here will have a different opinion.<BR><BR>Hope this helps

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    Default This is what I do...

    One page 1, I list the names and item numbers for orders, and when you click on the guys&#039; name, it takes you to the details (address, company, email, comments etc...)<BR><BR>I don&#039;t load all the information onto the first page then pass it to the second. I pass only the order number to the second page, then search for the order number again (on the second page) and retrieve all the data from the DB.<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>

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    Default thanks all!

    Thank you all.. I&#039;m glad I&#039;d asked! Now I know I&#039;m on the right track. ;)

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