I asked part of this questionin the databases forum a few days back and got no response. It&#039;s partly a performance question:<BR>I have an asp page that creates a whole load of tables and currently I use a view in SQL7 which links all the tables (8 of them). I then create my SQL in the form "SELECT * FROM myView WHERE..." and a dynamic where clause which has "Categories IN(1,2,3,4)" up to about 50 categories and some date stuff which picks up the data for the next 6 months i.e. "AND ((Year=2001) AND (Month = 4)) OR ((Year = 2001) AND (Month = 5))...." etc.<BR>It will pick up a record for each week (4 per month) in that period so if I get 20 categories with maybe 10 items and 24 records I&#039;m going to return about 4800 records. It could be a lot more because some categories might have 100 items. When I create the tables I have to check each record and the cell colour will change depending on on criterion, the cell contents on another, the link from the cell on another. It is unsurprisingly slow and I have a problem where first thing in the morning it times out unless I have run the query in Enterprise Manager first.<BR>My questions are therefore:<BR>Why does it do this timeout thing and then work fine after I have run the query myself?<BR>Does using a view affect performance?<BR>Any tips on speeding things up?