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    Default Graphics or statistics

    Can anyone tell me how I can make statistics from data from a database?

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    Darren Neimke Guest

    Default Please be more specific...

    What is it exactly that you don&#039;t understand about using a database to keep track of site statistics?<BR><BR>Is it the ASP coding or the structure of the Database tables?<BR><BR>There are articles aplenty on this very topic, here&#039;s a couple that I behoove you to read...<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Darren

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    Lurker Guest

    Default What statistics?

    Errrr... You will need to be a bit more specific. How are we to know what you have in your database, or what you want to get out?<BR>

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    Default RE: What statistics?

    For example:<BR>I have 5 marks for 10 days. For every day, I wanna see the average and I want it for all de days.I want it in a graphical way.

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