any idea how i can get UID

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Thread: any idea how i can get UID

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    can someone guide me how I can give a uique ID from a table when a user logs on to my website ( not using session ) so that i can save their information in a table pointing to their UID. <BR>ie<BR><BR>ID data<BR>11 data1<BR>11 data2<BR>11 data3<BR>12 data1<BR>12 data2<BR>13 data1<BR>13 data2<BR>13 data3<BR>13

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    Get the next available Id from your table, and then pass it from page to page either in the querystring, or in a hidden field on the form. <BR><BR>You can then use that id to write back to your database.<BR><BR>Or if they log into your site, use their login name.

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