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    dthomas Guest

    Default need ASP-SQL Database help -fast

    I have created a site where the users login on one page and are then validated on another asp page against a SQL database. That part works fine, but when I later try to use the form login_ name as a reference to update or insert data into the SQL database I get a new row. I&#039ve tried to use response.write to see the login name in the asp page and get nothing. I&#039m new to this asp stuff and would appreciate some help here.

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    Chip Stewart Guest

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    I&#039d have to see the code but... I believe I understand you right...<BR>Your field for name is called login_name right?<BR>try Response.write Request.form("login_name")<BR><BR>That will display the value from the form. <BR>As far as the new row goes... Use a SQL statement to get a RS from the DB matching the userName. Then you should only get 1 row.<BR><BR>Email me if ya still need help.

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