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    I have a problem regarding array.I select a link on first page.Some items display regarding that link.I fill the items selected on the display page in the array on next page.Now when i select another link on the first page and repeat the above procedure.But the problem is that when i display the array, only the items which are selected after clicking last link are displayed.previous items are not displayed.I have tried to use session array also.But i am not getting how to remember the last array bound.From which i want to add the element and increase the array dynamically..<BR>Is There a solution to this problem<BR><BR>~sachin

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    &#039;Declare a dynamic array<BR><BR>Dim varAnArray()<BR><BR>&#039;Decide how big it&#039;s going to be<BR><BR>ReDim varAnArray(dim1,dim2)<BR><BR>&#039;Now it needs to be bigger<BR><BR>ReDim Preserve varAnArray(dim1,dim2+5)<BR><BR>&#039;And so on.Preserve keeps the previous data as long as you don&#039;t make the dimension smaller or specifically empty or overwrite the array.

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