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    I am using the update function, and when people don&#039;t fill in the "urlcustom" field on on form I would like to update in in the database as "nothing" "" no value<BR>If i don&#039;t try to put in "no value" then it will use the old value...this is not good.<BR><BR>This is part of my code:<BR>SQLstmt = SQLstmt & "urlcustom="" "<BR><BR>"" is meant to mean nothing but in the data base it treats it like there is a value

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    Try to put NULL ,in the fld where u rn&#039;t putting any value,u can use IsEmpty() to check which fld has no data while saving ur data into db,..e.g<BR><BR>If IsEmpty(fldname) then<BR> fldname=null<BR>end if

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