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    Ok, I am trying to test to implement testing for my asp pages. I am using an access database. I have uploaded my files to a directory in FTP and then tried to test my pages by using ipaddress/directory/pagename.asp, but i have gotten no results. I am trying to insert records into my access database, is there a specific way for setting this up.

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    Default *NO* results?

    NO results? The computer just sat there and did absolutely nothing? No error messages, even?<BR><BR>Then I&#039;d say you have a broken computer.<BR><BR>Okay, that&#039;s smartass answer. But, after all, you&#039;ve given us very, very little to go on!<BR><BR>For all we know, you FTP&#039;d the files to a computer that doesn&#039;t have an IIS Web Server and doesn&#039;t support ASP, at all.<BR><BR>Could I *strongly* suggest that you get it all working on your *OWN* computer using Personal Web Server *first* and only then try transferring everything to some IIS server?<BR><BR>

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