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    i have an Access97 database of about 10,000+ records ( ~ 6 megabytes) ..<BR>it is used only as read-only .. i use ASP to connect and users can only use<BR>the web-site to search the database (no add or delete)...<BR>(only SELECT ... WHERE... kind of statements will be used)<BR><BR><BR><BR>my question is:<BR><BR>is Access97 database good enough ? can Access2000 handle more concurrent<BR>users (how many more)?<BR><BR>thanks for helping<BR><BR>Vince<BR><BR>

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    I think common consensus is that Access isn&#039t really good enough for more than about 1 simultaneous user. However, it&#039s used quite frequently as a much much cheaper solution than SQL Server. A few months ago I heard about something from MS called MSDE (Microsoft Data Engine?). It was either free or cheap, and could support roughly 5 simultaneous users without serious performance degredation. Anyone know more about this?<BR><BR>Back to your question. If the users don&#039t complain too much, then it&#039s fine :)<BR><BR>Mike

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