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    Default Obtaining Query Results and repopulating fields wi

    I am developing a Materials Search Index ...<BR><BR><BR>The Article covered in the 4guysfromrolla page ... shows me how to read in multiple choices and Query them. agreed. but I need to know... how to not return the results... but use those results as further choices.. in another checkbox list... HOW do u do that???? <BR><BR>I have given details about the DB and application deliverables... your help will be appreciated beyond belief! <BR>Software used: <BR><BR>IBM DB2 7.1 UDB<BR><BR>ASP (XML and XSL/T may be used... but i personally think that it is secondary to the issue.... if u feel that it is a neccessity ...<BR>then please proceed to tell me. Everyone&#039;s help is deeply appreciated.)<BR><BR>This is the problem...<BR><BR>I have 3 fields in the Database..<BR><BR>natureelement, elementtype, elementdetails<BR><BR>assume natureelement has these values: FIRE, WATER, EARTH and WIND.<BR><BR>THESE naturelements have elementtypes:<BR><BR>assume FIRE has these possible values: <BR><BR>redfire, yellowfire, greenfire and bluefire<BR><BR>assume WATER has these possible values:<BR><BR>redwater, yellowwater, greenwater and bluewater<BR><BR>assume EARTH has these possible values:<BR><BR>redearth, yellowearth, greenearth, blueearth<BR><BR>assume WIND has these possible values:<BR><BR>sweetwind, sourwind, smellywind and powerwind<BR><BR><BR>NOW these elementtypes have elementdetails:<BR><BR>redfire has these possible values: <BR><BR>hotredfire, blazingredfire and scaldingredfire<BR><BR>blue, green and yellow FIRE all have similar values assigned to them. <BR><BR>WATER, EARTH and WIND elementtypes all carry similar elementdetails... u get the drift. <BR><BR>element - 1 to many - elementtype<BR><BR>elementtype - 1 to many - elementdetails<BR><BR>NOW... comes the question.... how do i create in ASP or JSP or ANYTHING.... even XSL and XML ... an interface to query every <BR>possible combination by the user?<BR><BR>The initial menu should provide the user to choose multiple values out of multiple choices: checkboxes - right? <BR><BR>Therefore the user chooses WATER and FIRE from the ELEMENTS menu... and presses SUBMIT or PROCEED<BR><BR>it should bring him/her to the menu with only elementtypes related to the choices made initially... <BR><BR>THEREFORE... if WATER and FIRE are chosen the following choices should be available to the user: <BR><BR>redfire <BR>yellowfire <BR>greenfire<BR>bluefire<BR>redwater<BR>yellowwat er<BR>greenwater<BR>bluewater<BR><BR>again ... in checkboxes... I hope u r all following this....<BR><BR>now ASSUME the user chooses redfire and yellowwater it should return the following values:<BR><BR>hotredfire <BR>blazingredfire <BR>scaldingredfire<BR>coldyellowwater<BR>warmyell owwater<BR>hotyellowwater<BR><BR>again... it should be in checkboxes... <BR><BR>basically ... the system allows the user to narrow down his search looking for the right "stuff"... then the final checkbox <BR>combination ... should yield the closest matches that have qualified for the FINAL query.<BR><BR>so my question is:<BR><BR>How do u create an interface... that lets the user choose multiple values from a field ... query those values and return the <BR>corresponding results.... as another checkbox menu... and then again send the checked values back for another query that <BR>returns more matching values ... and then ... finally...the user has narrowed down his search through this process enuff to look<BR>for the right "piece". I am sorry I can&#039;t disclose anything about the actual project... but the idea is clear... how do u do this in <BR>ASP??? ignore the weird fieldnames... just comply with the schema.. i really don&#039;t care what u guys/gals call it.<BR><BR>I would really, really love an answer.... what queries do i run?... how do i re-populate those results back as selectable values? <BR>and finally... the interface itself... how do i design one like this... and how do u make it accept multiple values from a form?<BR><BR>Please HELP!!<BR><BR>oh and ... could a project... using ASP and JSP run together??? as in I interact with the DB2 data using ASP and the other <BR>programmer uses JSP/JDBC/Beans and all that yuck stuff???? can u?<BR><BR>Thank u so much!! <BR><BR>Zubin Wadia.<BR><BR>p.s.<BR><BR>digital_picasso@hotmail. com : email me... if u have a question. thank u .

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    Default Two basic ideas:

    (1) Do it all with ASP code (or JSP, if you decide to go that route). After the user makes a choice in column A, you populate column B via ASP. After the choice in column B, you populate column C. I have a demo of that (though with only two columns) at<BR>http://www.ClearviewDesign.com/NEWBIE<BR>Look for the "categories" demo.<BR><BR>(2) Generate *all* the possibilities ahead of time and send *all* the data to the client, where you use JavaScript in the browser to do the work. http://www.LearnASP.com has a demo of this (search for "dynamic lists", I believe).<BR><BR>Both ways have advantages, both have disadvantages.<BR><BR>I&#039;m working on an article and a better demo of both, along with a "hybrid" ... where perhaps we use method 2 for columns A and B but method 1 for column C.<BR><BR>

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