Hi all<BR>I am doing a search on a web page using the ixsso asp object and index server. Everything is working fine, but when I am using a word like &#039;then&#039; or &#039;for&#039; I get an error message saying :The query contained only ignored words.<BR>This looks very unprofessional, so I want to build in some form of error handling. Unfortunately when I use &#039;on error resume next&#039;, the page doesn&#039;t finish. It seems to become frozen.<BR>When I comment the line out , everything works fine again, except that I get the error message displayed.<BR>I&#039;ve tried looking on the net for documentation , but I&#039;ve found that index server is extremely poorly documented.<BR>Oh, before I forget, another problem : I can&#039;t get the &#039;DocLastSavedTm&#039; column to retrieve or display anything. <BR><BR>Thanks for any future help.<BR>If anyone knows where I can get decent documentation on this (not microsoft), please let me know.<BR><BR>Thanks again.<BR> <BR>