Hi,<BR><BR>I am a webdesigner and programmer from Turkey and can help you in the follow fields. I am open to both contract/perm positions.If interested contact me please<BR><BR>General;<BR>- E-mail configurations<BR>- WEB Hosting Services<BR>- E-commerce services<BR><BR>WEB Site Design and other services;<BR>- Site organization and solutions<BR>- All kinds of Web design<BR>- Graphic design<BR>- ASP<BR>- HTML, Java, Javascript<BR>- Database solutions and set-up<BR>- MS. Visual Interdev 6,0<BR>- Dreamweaver<BR>- Animation&#039;s and link exchange systems<BR>- Shockwave and Flash animation&#039;s<BR>- WEB documantation<BR>- Site maintenance and updating services<BR>- On-line Shopping<BR>- Real Time Reservation Systems for Hotels and Travel Agencies (Including Tour <BR>Operators)<BR><BR>WEB Site Promotions Services;<BR>- Adding services for Search Engines<BR>- Site statistics and evaluation<BR>- Web advertising systems<BR>- Advertising solutions on the web<BR>- Site promotions solutions according to the sectors<BR>- Special e-mail promotions<BR><BR>also visit my web site at;<BR><BR>www.royalwebsolutions.com<BR><BR>E-mail : info@royalwebsolutions.com<BR><BR>My phone number;<BR>+ 90 216 414 62 00<BR><BR>Hope to hear from you as soon as possible and start to have a fruitful co-operation.<BR><BR>Best Regards,<BR>Bogac GÜRGÜN<BR>RoyalWebSolutions.com<BR><BR>Istanbul - Turkey