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    Zubin Wadia Guest

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    I am developing a Materials Search Index ...<BR><BR>Software used: <BR><BR>IBM DB2 7.1 UDB<BR><BR>ASP (XML and XSL/T may be used... but i personally think that it is secondary to the issue.... if u feel that it is a neccessity ...then please proceed to tell me. Everyone&#039;s help is deeply appreciated.)<BR><BR>This is the problem...<BR><BR>I have 3 fields in the Database..<BR><BR>natureelement, elementtype, elementdetails<BR><BR>assume natureelement has these values: FIRE, WATER, EARTH and WIND.<BR><BR>THESE naturelements have elementtypes:<BR><BR>assume FIRE has these possible values: <BR><BR>redfire, yellowfire, greenfire and bluefire<BR><BR>assume WATER has these possible values:<BR><BR>redwater, yellowwater, greenwater and bluewater<BR><BR>assume EARTH has these possible values:<BR><BR>redearth, yellowearth, greenearth, blueearth<BR><BR>assume WIND has these possible values:<BR><BR>sweetwind, sourwind, smellywind and powerwind<BR><BR><BR>NOW these elementtypes have elementdetails:<BR><BR>redfire has these possible values: <BR><BR>hotredfire, blazingredfire and scaldingredfire<BR><BR>blue, green and yellow FIRE all have similar values assigned to them. <BR><BR>WATER, EARTH and WIND elementtypes all carry similar elementdetails... u get the drift. <BR><BR>element - 1 to many - elementtype<BR><BR>elementtype - 1 to many - elementdetails<BR><BR>NOW... comes the question.... how do i create in ASP or JSP or ANYTHING.... even XSL and XML ... an interface to query every possible combination by the user?<BR><BR>The initial menu should provide the user to choose multiple values out of multiple choices: checkboxes - right? <BR><BR>Therefore the user chooses WATER and FIRE from the ELEMENTS menu... and presses SUBMIT or PROCEED<BR><BR>it should bring him/her to the menu with only elementtypes related to the choices made initially... <BR><BR>THEREFORE... if WATER and FIRE are chosen the following choices should be available to the user: <BR><BR>redfire <BR>yellowfire <BR>greenfire<BR>bluefire<BR>redwater<BR>yellowwat er<BR>greenwater<BR>bluewater<BR><BR>again ... in checkboxes... I hope u r all following this....<BR><BR>now ASSUME the user chooses redfire and yellowwater it should return the following values:<BR><BR>hotredfire <BR>blazingredfire <BR>scaldingredfire<BR>coldyellowwater<BR>warmyell owwater<BR>hotyellowwater<BR><BR>again... it should be in checkboxes... <BR><BR>basically ... the system allows the user to narrow down his search looking for the right "stuff"... then the final checkbox combination ... should yield the closest matches that have qualified for the FINAL query.<BR><BR>so my question is:<BR><BR>How do u create an interface... that lets the user choose multiple values from a field ... query those values and return the corresponding results.... as another checkbox menu... and then again send the checked values back for another query that returns more matching values ... and then ... finally...the user has narrowed down his search through this process enuff to look for the right "piece". I am sorry I can&#039;t disclose anything about the actual project... but the idea is clear... how do u do this in ASP??? ignore the weird fieldnames... just comply with the schema.. i really don&#039;t care what u guys/gals call it.<BR><BR>I would really, really love an answer.... what queries do i run?... how do i re-populate those results back as selectable values? and finally... the interface itself... how do i design one like this... and how do u make it accept multiple values from a form?<BR><BR>Please HELP!!<BR><BR>oh and ... could a project... using ASP and JSP run together??? as in I interact with the DB2 data using ASP and the other programmer uses JSP/JDBC/Beans and all that yuck stuff???? can u?<BR><BR>Thank u so much!! <BR><BR>Zubin Wadia.<BR><BR>p.s.<BR><BR>digital_picasso@hotmail. com : email me... if u have a question. thank u .<BR><BR> <BR>

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    Kevitt Guest

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    Zubin,<BR>Not only is this not a psychotic query, it&#039;s actually a very standard procedure for those working with database-driven asp.<BR><BR>Not only that, but your question has already been answered in the article currently at the *very top* of the 4Guys home page which points to ...<BR><BR>I do believe that DB2 is capable of ANSI SQL queries.<BR><BR>As far as coding the pages to display the checkbox values and query results...well...come back after reading the above-mentioned article.

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