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    shetty Guest

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    i have to fetch records after the user clicks on a link "inventory" , but the link is general and the inventory could be anything (fodder, crackers, etc). Have to use that inventory (fodder or crackers , etc) in a SQL query to display records from a database.

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    Adrian Guest

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    Need more info!<BR>Before people click through to inventory did the select crackers or fodder,<BR>in other words, are the people on a crackers or fodder when they see the link inventory?<BR>Is your site on the net?...yes, then send me the url.<BR><BR>I think I know what you want.<BR><BR>-Adrian

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    shetty Guest

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    thanks.well the info on the site is classified , sorry cant give the url but yes, when they(users) click on inventory they are actually looking for a specific inventory and they(users, again) ARE on that page for that inventory item. For example, the page could be dispalying a list of suppliers of fodder and fodder would be the heading on that page. there&#039;s a little link "Inventory " next to fodder which would then take the user to more details about fodder. <BR><BR>Hope that helps.

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    Well, if they are on a page about fodder, then I assume somehow you told the page to load fodder.<BR><BR>If you did this via a querystring ( page.asp?Type=fodder ) you can send it to inventory.asp?Type=fodder and make a query to a database pulling out the info.<BR><BR>How is the database setup? table Fodder, or tblTypes and tblInventory, with tblInventory having a field relating each product to a type? If the first, do <BR><BR>select * from " & request.querystring("type") & "...<BR><BR>if the latter, <BR><BR>select * from tblInventory where type=&#039;" & request("type") & "&#039;<BR><BR>or did they magically appear and all you have is the url? You could then grab the url, trim to the last " / ", trim off from the "." onward, and you have the type. <BR><BR>It may just be 1 am, but I don&#039;t think you have enough info posted. If it is "classified" just rename all the buzzwords ;-b

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