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    Can I update a database via a web page with the following conditions:<BR><BR>It queries the database for "product"<BR>Then sees if the store is already listed with this product<BR>If YES then overrights the current record<BR>If NO then makes a new record<BR><BR>Can this be done? Could you point me in the right direction?<BR><BR>-Adrian

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    depending on table setup, either search a unioned table or one table for the product. then do an if/then statement:<BR><BR> "select top 1 * from mystore where product=&#039;hat&#039;", myconn, 1, 3<BR>if ors.eof <BR> &#039;make a new record<BR> ors.addnew<BR> ors.fields("product") = &#039;hat&#039;<BR> else<BR> &#039;overwrite current record<BR> ors.fields("product") = &#039;hat&#039;<BR>end if<BR>ors.update <BR>ors.close<BR> <BR>not sure if that is what ya meant

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