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    1. i am making a subscription web site for someone, what i need to do is say you are on page1.asp you click sign up it goes to a form you fill it out if you get accepted it goes to signup.asp and if you get declined it goes to sorry.asp. on signup.asp it has a link to make a user name and password. i need to know how to make it so that only the people that come from signup.asp are only allowed to access the page where thay can make there user name and password and so that no one else could access the user name and password page. could someone please help me out i have been trying to do this for like 2 weeks now. thank you very much.

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    Default session , application

    this is commonly solved using application , session variable, and included files ....<BR><BR>after succesfull user login add set his special session variable , example session("login")=1, and put this code into signup.code <BR><BR>if session("login")&#060;&#062;1 then server.transfer "sorry.asp"<BR><BR>it is efective combinate this with include files...

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