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    Hi,<BR><BR>Have setup up PWS on my Win2k Pc for script testing. Anyway, I am wanting to get into ASP, as my company doeas a lot of java scripting for databases, and as I do web design, I though of combining & doing ASP to increase my promotion propects.<BR><BR>I have no prior experience of doing ASP, and was wanting some advice, and places e.g URLS there I can get to grips with the basics, and try some beginner scipts (especially databases).<BR><BR>All advice neaded,<BR><BR>Scott

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    Really, the best way to learn is with one of the *excellent* ASP tutorial books. Such as the one written by Scott Mitchell (who owns this site and messageboard). See the reference in the left panel of this page.<BR><BR>Online? The best "step by step" pages are on -- they are organized by "lessons". Fair warning, there is often nearly zero explanation. It&#039;s all "learning by example". But if you *can* understand them, they&#039;ll take you pretty deep into ASP capabilities.<BR><BR>Good luck!<BR><BR>

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