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    sarahana Guest

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    Is it neccessary that your computer be on network to run asp files? I have the PWS downloaded from microsoft... but my computer is not in network with any other computer... is that why that when I open an asp file from the browser, it redirects to FrontPage. What would be my URL for the PWS?? I tried as suggested by Alex in his PWS installation article, but it leads to the homepage of a local internet provider... so what do I need to do?

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    Ashish Mishra Guest

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    It is not necessary to be on network. In the properties of the PWS, just check what is your URL in the browser window, try giving http://localhost/directory name

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    So now u have installed ur PWS and ur Home is inetpub/wwwroot, right<BR><BR>Now make sure ur ASP page is stored under this &#039wwwroot&#039 folder or in any virtual folder. Excecute now!! give ur path correctly<BR>inetpub/wwwroot/urpage.asp<BR><BR>good luck

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