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    h'eddie Guest

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    hi all, fairly new to this so be nice...<BR><BR>scenario:<BR>nt4.0 -intranet (hacked away and got it up)<BR>added 2nd NIC connected to an ADSL for internet<BR>installed MS Proxy 2.0<BR>can get out from the server to the internet...but clients cannot get out ( tried from another internal PC which is included in the LAT and security permission).<BR><BR>question:<BR>can anyone recommend a book for setup/configuration of this setup?<BR>is this a security risk waiting to happen?<BR>plug ins for Proxy 2(firewall)?<BR>any general comments would be appriciated<BR><BR>thanks,<BR>h&#039;eddie

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    Reggie Guest

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    I&#039;m not sure how far you actually are in the setup, but here&#039;s a detailed description of what I did.<BR><BR>Do you have a hub?<BR><BR>On the proxy server (with 2 NICs) you have the the one card connected to the ADSL modem/router. You said you can reach the internet from there, so that card is setup correctly. Then with the other card in the server you have to configure the IP address to (just use for simplicity) and the subnet mask to Connect that card to your hub in any port that isn&#039;t the uplink port.<BR><BR>Then with the rest of the computers in your intranet, assign them (different) IPs in the same range (i.e.,, etc) and the same subnet of<BR><BR>Then install the proxy software on your server. I&#039;ve never used MS Proxy. I use "Proxy" from analogx.com. It is very very simple to setup and use. Then you just need to configure the browsers on the other PCs in your intranet to recognize the proxy server (Tools&#062;Internet Options&#062;Connections&#062;LAN Settings&#062;).<BR><BR>As far as security, I am just running this on my win98 computer so I just run the BlackIce firewall and block ALL incoming traffic, but then I specifically allow everything from the IP addresses of the computers in my intranet.

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