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    I've got three textboxes - price, tax and total. When the user inputs the price and tabs on to the tax box, I need 17.5% of the price to automatically appear in the tax box. Then, when the user tabs on to the total box, I want to be able to make the sum of the price and tax automatically appear in the total box.

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    Default Not extremely difficult

    No need for asp though, just use javascript.<BR><BR>Testcase : form name = theForm<BR>textboxes named price, tax and total<BR><BR>put an onBlur event in your price element<BR>e.g. &#060;input type=&#039;text&#039; name=&#039;price&#039; onBlur=&#039; .value=this.value*0.175;&#039;&#062;<BR>I assume you can figure out the &#039;total&#039;-routine for yourself.<BR>Didn&#039;t test the code, so may contain little bug, but idea should be the same though :)

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    Thanks, for that, but I&#039;m getting &#039;Nan&#039; instead of the total up...don&#039;t suppose you could tell me why??<BR><BR>function calcTotal()<BR> <BR> {<BR> price = parseInt("purchaseCars3.car_price.value");<BR> vat = parseInt("purchaseCars3.car_vat.value");<BR> total = parseInt("price + vat");<BR> purchaseCars3.car_total.value = total<BR> }<BR>Cheers!

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