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    I have a field in an access database called 'newsdate' that is filled in by default automatically by Date() when a new entry is made from form input from the user. Sometimes it will be necessary to alter that date. I have an editing function that works fine for updating all the other fields but am having a problem with the date field. Trying to do this has forced me to learn a lot about date functions, even the fact (which I didnt know before) that a database stores the date as the number of days since 31st december 1899 which I thought was fascinating as it avoids any ambiguity whatsoever. Unfortunately this fact didnt seem to help me much but it did explain why on some occassions when I tried to update the date field I ended up with the 1899 date which was amusing. Does anyone have any advice for doing this? Ideally I would like to read the date out of the database and display it giving the user the option to change it and then write it back to the database. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated:)

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    Try the FAQ's at the top of this page.

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