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    hi <BR> I&#039;m retrieving a username and password based on the email given by an user and then I want to mail the username and pwd to the email addr which was given. <BR>I have used a query and gotten the results and used the cdo object to mail the result to him as an attachment, but I do not get the mail. can any one tell me waht happened to the mail.<BR>if need be i&#039;ll send in the code.

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    Are you sure that you have a mail server installed on your webserver, because a coworker ran into some problems. We finally figured it out that the guy who installed our server forgot to configure the mail server, give it a try and see what happens.

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    hey doug , but I need to send a file i generate as an attachment. and the link u pushed me was just the basic, I have already done all that..<BR>Please let me know if u need to see the code

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    There is an article here for just that. Sorry I misunderstood.<BR><BR> 0&i=02&i=04&i=06&i=08&i=01&i=03&i=05&i=07&i=09&p=1 &nq=NEW

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