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    Does anyone out there think Ultradev version 4.0 is good? <BR><BR>I&#039;m a Interdev user and the boss has put the word out that Programmers will stop using Visual Interdev and start using superior Ultradev 4.0. Problem is, far as I can tell Ultradev is garbage when it comes to ASP programming. It looks like something HOME PORN SITE CREATORS USE. Why any Interdev user would ever use Ultradev for serious ASP programming is beyond me.<BR><BR>Anyone else got an opinion of this software? Does it do anything good without having to use it&#039;s dumb drag and drop? Help!!!!

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    Default I don't have much valuable input, but...

    I used Ultradev for the one month trial period. Didn&#039;t like it.<BR>Now I&#039;ve gone back to using Dreamweaver 3 for my HTML, and hand code my ASP. <BR>The DW HTML interface is, IMO, the only good thing about Ultradev. I wouldn&#039;t use it for ASP.

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