I have a .wsc called "Archive.wsc". The ProgID is "Archive.ArchiveATB" It has one function called "RunArchive(DaySpan, RecSpan)" which is accepting 2 args. <BR>My question is: How do I call this .wsc without having to register it (Using GetObject()) and what is the correct syntax?<BR>I have been trying to create the object using: <BR>SET ArchObj = GetObject("script:C:InetpubwwwrootDevelopmentyl200 1AskTheBandArchive.ArchiveATB") but I&#039;m having no luck. (I am using Server.MapPath for the actual path but i wrote it out here for debugging purposes). This is the line I am using to try and run the RunArchive method: ArchObj.RunArchive(5, 15)... If you understand what I&#039;m trying to do here (i hope) any help would be great!!!<BR>thanks