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    How do you set up an ASP page to receive text entered in a foreign language (through MS Global IME) using either the "get" or "post" from within the FORM tag and display this text?

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    Default It is not easy...

    The problem is that you *really* need to know the language of the text *before* you even pass it!<BR><BR>Look up Sesssion.CodePage in the docs. It allows you to set up a "translation table" from the byte-stream text that the browsers use to the Unicode characters (2 bytes per character) that ASP (and VBS and JS) use.<BR><BR>The problem is that byte-stream text *is* language dependent.<BR><BR>For example, if you see the two bytes #9c #c0 in a Japanese text stream, those actually represent only a *single* displayed Kanji character. But in a European language text stream, they are two separate characers (the combined "oe" character and "A" with an accent mark). And I have no idea what they are in, say, Arabic.<BR><BR>So ASP, itself, can handle any characters in any language, thanks to the fact it uses Unicode. But translating to and from other character sets, as used by the browsers, means knowing what character set the client is using.<BR><BR>Still, if you study up on Session.CodePage and code pages in general, you *can* do the job.<BR><BR>

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