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Thread: Database Connection won't work twice

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    Default Database Connection won't work twice

    I have two ASP pages with datatabase connectors through the same ODBC. Each page works perfectly, but when I go from one to the other, the second one won&#039;t work for about 3 minutes.<BR><BR>I did the standord recordset.close : connector.close thing, and set both to nothing on each page.<BR><BR>Any ideas?

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    It sounds like it could be a connection pooling issue. (I&#039;m assuming the error you are getting is something like &#039;Error opening connection. Connection already open.&#039;)<BR>Either turn off connection pooling (not recommended) or do a check before you open the connection to see if it&#039;s already open.<BR>I typically use an include file with my database functions to handle opening and closing connections.<BR><BR>Hope that helps.

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